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In your first consultation with us, we will require some basic information relating to your medical condition and the type of procedures you have in mind. For many medical rocedures, the doctor will need to see your transcripts, MRI's, X-rays, photos, etc. In order to better facilitate this process, we will need to receive copies of these documents.


Once we have received the relevant case notes and medical reports, we will have an informal chat regarding the following points:

   - Your physical needs and potential limitations
   - Your emotional needs and mental attitude
   - Your concerns
                                - Your expectations concerning the outcome of the treatment /procedure
                                - Your budget
                                - Your available time frame

By discussing these points, we can determine if medical tourism to Singapore is suitable for you, and if so, we can find the best overall value based on your needs together.

We will then have an extensive conversation with you to understand your medical need before starting the process of designing an individual treatment options for your specific needs. At this point your consent will be required for us to collect and disseminate your personal information to our panel of doctors in Singapore.


It is very important that at this stage of the process, you identify the specific treatments and procedures you intend to undertake as changes to your desired treatment requirements could potentially complicate matters. Naturally our onsite councilors would be able to advise you accordingly and will do their best to identify your exact needs and plan your trip accordingly.


If required, we will also able to provide you with information and costing of hotels in Singapore for your consideration. Please consider your hotel options carefully, because making changes further along in the process which could result in confusion and additional charges.



If you do not already possess a Passport we could assist you in the application process. Mongolians enjoy 30 days visa free in Singapore, however, should your medical treatment require a longer stay, we can assist with the application for a medical visa for you and your accompanying family members.


At this point, you should receive a price quotation for the procedure(s) and in-patient charges including some other information about the medical centre/hospital, doctors, etc. If the pricing is acceptable to you, we can then move on to the next steps in planning your trip to Singapore.



We will discuss about the preferred dates you wish to plan your medical procedure. Again, please consider very carefully before you come to a decision. Once you have chosen the dates, we will check with our hospital affiliate to see if these dates are available and book them to secure your preference.


You can pose questions or concerns you have to the surgeon we have arranged for you in Singapore through telemedicine. We will coordinate the communication process via email or real time Skype at this stage. You may have an opportunity to speak directly with your surgeon further along in the process, should you so choose. Please note: Depending on the surgeon's hours of operation, availability of such services are subject to the surgeon's schedule.


Upon confirmation of your travel dates, we will provide you with a proposed itinerary. Please check the itinerary carefully to understand the time line of your trip. We will also send you information regarding Singapore so you can be prepared to make the most of your travel experience.


You will be greeted at the airport by a professional driver and taken to your hotel. Within 24 hours of your arrival, you will visit your doctor's office for consultation. Here, the doctor will review your medical transcripts and conduct any additional tests. Your surgeon may take this opportunity to explain in detail the procedure and answer any further questions to ensure that you are ready and comfortable for your procedure.


After recuperation from your procedure or treatment, and the surgeon is satisfied with your progress, you may proceed to enjoy some of the interesting attractions Singapore offers. You can make arrangements with us, or through one of the local travel agencies in Singapore.



Upon your arrival home, we will be available to assist you with any future requirements.

We hope this information has been helpful in explaining our process of medical tourism. Please note, this is just a brief outline of the necessary steps to a successful medical journey to Singapore. More information can be obtained from one of our representatives.