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Singapore is a multi-faceted regional medical hub, not only for medical services for patients, but also as a meeting place for medical professionals for conferences and training. It is also recognized as  as a base for healthcare consultancy and operations management. In addition, with a growing number of leading biomedical companies such as Eli Lilly, Novartis, GSK and ViaCell having their regional headquarters in Singapore, the country has become the premier regional centre of research and clinical trials. Abbott is another private establishment which opened its Asia-Pacific Nutrition Research & Development Centre at the Biopolis in Singapore. It is the largest nutrition R&D facility outside of the U.S., and will create science-based nutritional products for infants, children and adults.


Cost is an important consideration for many international patients. While list prices appear higher in Singapore than in other Asian countries, final bills are often comparable due to shorter hospital stays. On top of the value for money, patients in Singapore are assured of quality treatment and high clinical outcomes similar to those in the United States and Europe. Singapore's public medical institutions also make estimated costs as transparent as possible, according to useful categories such as medical conditions, procedures involved and ward class, published on the website of the Ministry of Health.


Singapore is an international city which welcomes people of all cultures. The people in Singapore enjoy high security and low crime. Connected to 180 cities in the world, Singapore is highly accessible. Transport and accessibility within the country is equally easy and convenient. English is the first language of education and business. As Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-culturally accommodating city, patients of all race and creed will not find it difficult to meet people in Singapore who speak their language or share their religion.


Ultimately, the medical traveler seeks peace of mind. Singapore is one destination where medical travelers can receive medical care of the highest quality in an environment that is safe and welcoming, with no uncertainties of wars, government and social unrest or natural disasters Its  stringent and detailed blood work checks means that patients have one less worry on their mind.. It is here that patients can focus on recovering well without other concerns.


Singapore is a vibrant, sophisticated and cosmopolitan city state that delights visitors from all over the world. A city of modern conveniences with rich ethnic, cultural and historical heritage, Singapore offers a wide range of leisure, entertainment and sightseeing options for all types of travelers.
Moving around in Singapore is also easy, convenient and affordable. With our world-class transport system, visitors can get around easily on taxis, buses, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train service, or even rent a car to drive around.


A global city for the arts, Singapore offers a feast of arts and cultural events. Visit world-class arts centres including The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, The Arts House, Singapore Art Museum, Asian Civilisations Museum and the Singapore History Museum. Take a stroll through the ethnic precincts of Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street, to gain insights into Asian culture.


A gourmet's paradise, Singapore is reputed for the quality and variety of food it offers. A wide variety of international cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Middle Eastern, American and European cuisines, is available here.


Singapore offers a wide variety of entertainment choices for visitors of all ages. Wholesome family entertainment is available for families with children while adults may visit the many cybercafes, coffee clubs, stylish clubs and vibrant nightspots all over in the city.


A garden city, Singapore's public gardens and parks bring a delightful peace to your soul. Well-nown parks include the Botanic Gardens, East Coast Park, Marina South Park, Mount Faber Park and Bukit Timah Hill. Many parks have water features, trails and exercise stations for you to engage in some light activities or to relax in tropical tranquility.


While in Singapore, you may wish to check out health screening packages for your family members. To suit people with varying needs, healthcare providers offer a wide variety of packages from basic screening to comprehensive health screening for executives. Health screenings are conducted in private and comfortable surroundings.


Singapore offers many world-class attractions worth visiting. These include the Night Safari, Singapore Zoological Gardens, Jurong BirdPark and Sentosa. Many attractions are wheelchair-friendly and provide wheelchairs upon request.


For first-class shopping, visit Orchard Road. On par with the world's best, Orchard Road features exciting shopping malls, international brands and specialty niche stores with the latest season's offerings. You will discover a plethora of products from the world over, ranging from cosmetics, fashion wear, luxury watches and homeware to sports equipment.


For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, Singapore offers many spas and wellness centres conveniently located in the city centre and in hotels. Tastefully decorated in modern Balinese and genteel European styles, these spas offer a wide variety of Asian- and European-style services ranging from aesthetic treatments to massage and reflexology. High hygiene standards are maintained and a level of professionalism is ensured.


For the wheelchair bound, Singapore offers wheelchair-friendly facilities. Public transport facilities including MRT stations and buses provide lifts and ramps to make boarding easy. Shopping centres and places of attraction are also wheelchair-friendly with ample ramps, lifts and restroom facilities.


When receiving treatment in Singapore, please seek your specialist's advice on the follow-up care required when you return home. You will be furnished with medical records of your condition by the healthcare provider in Singapore for your home physician's reference. It is also advisable for your physician to keep the specialist in Singapore informed about your medical condition to ensure that you continue to receive adequate medical attention.
If return visits to the Singapore specialist are necessary, do discuss future medical trip plans with the healthcare provider's International Patient Service Centre. They can also help to arrange for medical evacuation in the event of medical emergencies.
For proper management of your medical condition, you are encouraged to go for regular checkups and follow-up treatment with your specialist in Singapore, in accordance with his advice.


Singapore also offers an excellent range of follow-up care services such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation and counseling which are available at hospitals and medical centres. Consult your specialist about the follow-up care services required, and request for the healthcare provider's International Patient Service Centre to help make the necessary arrangements.


For those seeking holistic recovery, a range of complementary healthcare facilities is available in Singapore. Conveniently located in the city centre, complementary healthcare facilities include licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine centres, chiropractors, reflexology centres, aesthetic spas and wellness centres.


Singapore's community hospitals provide patients with long-term step-down care. International patients may also wish to consider home nursing care. Your healthcare provider's International Patient Service Centre will be able to help you make the necessary arrangements.