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At Singapore Healthcare Centre our focus is on tailoring medical services to the specific needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality medical services in Singapore coupled with a world-class holiday option thereafter.We are a team of experienced medical and service industry professionals with a proven track record of providing professional assistance to medical travelers based on our knowledge of both the medical and travel professions. Through our network, we seek to ensure that all of our clients are comfortable, confident and educated about the process before, and during, their travels to Singapore. All of our procedures are performed by highly-qualified surgeons in Singapore, a world renowned medical travel destination.


Medical tourism is a popular option for those seeking a wide variety of medical procedures. There is already a huge demand worldwide, and while the concept may seem overwhelming to anyone who has never considered leaving their home to seek treatment overseas, there are many benefits to seeking out medical services in Singapore.
Is it the right option for you? Based on our close collaboration with Pacific Healthcare, a premium healthcare provider in Singapore, and our healthcare industry knowledge about Singapore, we are able to provide our clients with solutions for their medical and travel-related needs. Travelling without the services provided by a respected medical tourism agency can mean sacrificing safety and peace of mind for patients. We ensure that the fees are transparent and the scope of medical services provided and the possible options is well understood by our clients before any procedure is undertaken.


Singapore Healthcare Centre has developed a detailed and comprehensive program that is individually designed around each patient to best guarantee a safe and hassle-free experience.  We'd like to show you the value of our services up-front, to help you understand the importance of choosing a company that is backed by renowned medical partners that have an excellent safety track record, has a detailed process framework and personalized attention when seeking medical treatment abroad.
Our facilitation process has been developed to ensure a safe and seamless journey for you in ultimate comfort. This process normally takes at least 5-10 days before you can depart for your medical treatment.  But before starting on your journey, we must work diligently to accomplish all the necessary tasks first.  We look forward to working with you in an effort to providing you with the very best medical tourism services available in the world.